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Anegada, British Virgin Islands

Loblolly Bay Beach, Anegada, BVI
Loblolly Bay Beach, Anegada

Lying 20 miles north of Virgin Gorda is Angegada, the British Virgin Island's only coral atoll. Covering 15 square miles and rising 28 feet above sea level, Anegada is a paradise for divers. Surrounding the island is a vast horseshoe-shaped barrier where over the years, more than 300 ships have wrecked. These coral reefs are enhanced with not only the wrecks but colourful formations of exotic sea plants and animal life.

An isle for people who savour isolation and white pristine sands, Anegada is home to about 250 people. It has a campground, guest cottages and one 18-room hotel. There is a sanctuary located on the island for flamingos, ospreys and terns which is supervised by the National Parks Trust.

If you enjoy sun, snorkeling on reefs, wildlife and solitude, Anegada is the place to be.

Anegada is known for offering some of the finest shallow water and deep sea fishing in the world. If you're interested in fly-fishing, Anegada's waters offer a wide variety of game fish. Fishermen can spend hours in shallow water casting into schools of silver bonefish visible below. Typically weighing between three and ten pounds, bonefish are, pound for pound, the strongest fighting fish in the world. Anegada lobster, famous throughout the islands, are caught in pots by local fishermen off the isle.
Loblolly Bay Beach
Loblolly Bay Beach is ranked as one of the world's best beaches. It has miles and miles of untouched and isolated beach, a 360 degree lookout and a 50ft plus walkout into the ocean. There are two beach bars and a restaurant as well as sun shelters and hammocks among the seagrapes on the beach.
Flash of Beauty Beach
A pretty trail of conch shells leading from the beach bar to the shoreline and excellent snorkeling are found on this beach with an absolutely unforgettable view.
Cow Wreck Bay Beach
Many versions exist as to how this beach got its name - just ask any Anegadian. Located on the northwestern end of Anegada, here is another one of the many pristine beaches found on the island. A small beach bar and restaurant, as well as a few villas, are located here.
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