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Photography Of The British Virgin Islands

Spring Bay by Amanda Baker - Virgin Portraits
"Spring Bay"
Amanda Baker - Virgin Portraits
British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands is one of the most dynamic areas in the world for the many professional photographers that make the BVI their home. Beautiful tropical settings in the mountainous terrains, to desert like coral atolls in the BVI territory present a photographers haven. The underwater photography produced in the BVI is some of the best in the world, with diverse undersea venues blending in the spectacular colors of the many species of fish and corals. Photography of several shipwrecks that are on the ocean floor of the BVI is displayed along with the histories of the ships demise to their final resting place.

Besides encasing the beauty of the British Virgin Islands in their photography, the resident photographers also capture the precious moments of weddings and events that take place all throughout the BVI. Events such as the BVI Spring Regatta that hosts thousands of sailors to the islands every year is caught by several photographers displaying the racing crews in action with fleets of colorful sails charging down between the islands.

Spring Regatta by Yacht Shots Photography
"Spring Regatta"
Yacht Shots Photography
Tortola BVI

The colorful and festive cultural events held during the year also make the BVI ideal for bringing out the history and cultural traditions of the territory to the photographer's medium.

The British Virgin Islands is also ideal for the taking of aerial photography with over 60 islands and atolls spread through out the archipelago with contrasting brilliant water colors and the abundance of many contours and unique up cropping of mountains and reef systems lying just below the waters surface. Stunning is the best way to describe the work of the photographers based in the BVI, blending their artistic talents with all of the pure nature the British Virgin Islands provides.

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