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Day Sailing in the British Virgin Islands

Day Sailing in the BVI
Enjoying a Day Sail
in the British Virgin Islands

There are many day sailing charter companies that offer all types of excursions in the British Virgin Islands on both power and sailing yachts. If one is land based while on a vacation in paradise, a day sail trip will give you an experience of a lifetime to remember. As the day sail trips do vary by type of vessel and their sailing base location, one has to do a little bit of homework to determine what type of trip to expect. All of the day sail charter companies have a set day sail itinerary that they are most happy to explain to you prior to your signing on with them. The crews and yachts are all certified by the British Virgin Islands Marine Authority to operate in the territorial waters to insure your safety.

Leaving from the charter base, there are so many beautiful snorkeling areas to sail to, full of bright corals and teeming with all types of colorful fish. If you have not snorkeled before or are not use to swimming in the sea, don't despair as the crew aboard your yacht is trained in diving, and have all the answers to make you comfortable in the water so you don't miss out on a great experience!

Day Sailing in the BVI
Beautiful sunset after a Day Sail
in the British Virgin Islands

An average day sail trip would start out in the morning with an exhilarating and fun sail to one or two favorite snorkeling stops in the British Virgin Islands. Come around lunchtime you are greeted to a buffet lunch served up by your crew along with beverages.

After lunch you may anchor in a secluded pristine cove, or a white sand skirted island for some leisurely swimming and relaxing. You're on island time, so go with the flow and enjoy a great day in paradise!

When it's time to bring the anchor up to return to the sail base, your crew treats you to rum drinks and a beautiful setting sun as you lay out on the decks of the yacht and take in the stunning scenery that surrounds you. Be sure to keep one eye open for dolphins, whales, and jumping manta rays. Truly the best day spent by many a vacationer, wanting them to want to return back to the British Virgin Islands, time after time to enjoy some of "natures little secrets".

Here is a list of many of the great snorkeling spots located throughout the British Virgin Islands that can be visited by Day sail trips and also via land.


Smugglers Cove – Located at the West End, snorkeling off the white sand beach to nearby reefs. Excellent for beginners.

Brewers Bay – On the North shore, East of Cane Garden Bay. Off the beach snorkeling with depths of 3 to 30 feet along the western cliffs of the bay.

Beef Island
Long Bay – Another beach entrance to very good snorkeling reefs.

Jost Van Dyke

White Bay – Very good snorkeling at the Western most point of the bay. Entry by way of the beach with a fairly long swim/snorkel out to the point.

Sand Spit – Excellent snorkeling around the Northern tip of the Spit. Reachable only by boat. Beware of the wave action and currents when there is a North swell running.

Northeast Outer Islands

Guana Island – Monkey Point is reachable by boat only but is well worth the trip! Excellent snorkeling.

Marina Cay – reachable by boat or via the Pussers ferry from Trellis Bay Beef Island. Snorkeling off the beach in shallow waters makes this spot ideal for beginners.

The Dogs – Access to the various dives at the Dogs is by boat only. Excellent snorkeling, and one to put on your list.

Virgin Gorda

The Baths – World renown for its unique setting with good snorkeling in and around massive boulders. Accessible by both land and sea.

Savannah Bay and Mahoe Bay – Located on the North shore with excellent snorkeling to the outer reef either by boat or off the white sand beach.

Eutasia Sound – Excellent snorkeling on the extensive surrounding reefs by dinghy only.

Cooper Island

Manchioneel Bay - Excellent snorkeling at the Southwest end of Manchioneel Bay by boat or dinghy only.

Salt Island

The wreck of the "Rhone" is located on the Western side of the island. Snorkeling ranges from 15 to 90 foot depths. Recommended on high visibility water days with access only by boat.

Peter Island

Deadman's Bay - a great snorkel spot with lots of fish and coral. The beach area is a nesting place for Turtles, and the chances are you will spot one or two there along with stingrays. Boat or off the beach access.

Norman Island

The Caves - Excellent snorkeling by way of boat or dinghy, with depths ranging from 8 to 25 feet. Explore the inside of the Caves and see what sea life lives in the dark!

The Indians - Excellent snorkeling around an outcropping of arrowhead shaped pillars of rocks. Many types of fish and corals. Only reachable by boat, but not one to miss!


Reefs surround two-thirds of this low-lying atoll. Guided snorkel trips should be taken to known areas, but there are also many off the beach areas where you can swim out to the fringe of the reef on the Northern shore and explore on your own.

These are a few of the most popular snorkeling spots in the British Virgin Islands. You may want to ask your Captain if he or she has any special "secret spots" that they may want to take you to! When the weather is calm, there are also many other places that are great for snorkeling around the BVI but that is up to Mother Nature if she wants to let you visit them when you are in her underwater garden. Enjoy!

For a listing of charters, see Day Sail Charters.

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