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Dive Sites In The British Virgin Islands

Diving in the BVI
Discover the many dive sites
in the British Virgin Islands

Explore the many dive sites and see the stunning coral and underwater sea life of the BVI. The abundancy of shipwrecks to dive along with the clear visibility make the Islands a haven for scuba divers. People from worldwide visit and discover "nature's little secret" ocean playground.

We've listed the top dive sites in the British Virgin Islands and other sites you might want to drift through.

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Top Dive Sites
Wreck of the RMS Rhone - (Salt Island)
The most famous dive site of them all is located off Salt Island near Black Rock. This is considered to be one of the best wreck dives in the Caribbean. Film site for the movie, "The Deep," starring Jacqueline Bisset. At least two dives are needed to cover both the bow and stern sections. Dive it at night to see the cup corals and sponges turn the main compartment into a kaleidoscope of orange and yellow.
Blonde Rock - (Dead Chest and Salt Island)
Located between Dead Chest and Salt Islands. Twin pinnacles attract an abundance of marine life including turtles, schools of jack, cobia, barracuda and even an occasional shark. Structures are full of undercuts, ledges and canyons.
Painted Walls - (Dead Chest)
Located near Dead Chest. Series of bright-colored gullies and canyons in 30 to 60 feet of water. Turtles and nurse sharks are common.
Angelfish Reef - (Norman Island)
Located on the lee side of Norman Island. Accommodates beginners and advanced divers. Slopes from 20 to 80 feet. Plentiful fish life including namesake species.
The Indians - (Norman Island)
Located near Norman Island. Lee shore provides calm water for snorkelers. The Indians provides depths to 90 feet for divers with black coral at depth.
Playground - (Green Cay)
Located on the South Side of Green Cay. The playground consists of a sheltered rock bottom encrusted with extensive hard and soft coral growth. Home to a wide variety of reef species.
Coral Garden (Great Dog)
Located on the south side of Great Dog, Coral Garden consists of an extensive reef system with depths to 50 feet. A nearby airplane wreck can be explored on the same dive. (Beginner / Intermediate)
Wreck of Inganess Bay - (Cooper Island)
Located south of Cooper Island. Island cargo vessels placed on a sandy plane with depths to 95 feet. Stringrays are common.
Visibles - (Cockroach Island)
Located off the Southwestern tip of Cockroach Island. The Visibles is a submerged pinnacle rising within 4 feet of surface. This site attracts large schools of fish.
Over 7 miles off of Tortola. Storm-damaged 246 foot refrigerator ship is located in deep water on the Atlantic side. Look for big pelagics. Cuan Law is the only dive boat that regularly visits this site as it is too far out for local shore base operators to get to.
Other Dive Sites
Wreck of the Parmatta - (Anegada)
Located off Anegada, the wreck of the Parmatta ran aground in 1853. You will see butterfly fish, turtles and huge groupers here.
Blue Chromis Reef (Cooper Island)
The topography is sand and coral with sea fans and gorgonian and depth from 30 - 90 feet. Take time to look inside the nooks and crannies. You will see Blue chromis spotted drums, quillfin blennies. For petersen cleaning shrimp & spiral anemones. There are occasional swells but this dive site is usually calm.
Carvel Rock (Cooper Island)
(Novice) - Made up of huge boulders this dive site sits between Cooper and Ginger Island with the top of rocks covered with fire coral and sponges. This site has depths from 15 - 90 feet. Strong currents and large swells often restrict diving. You will see barracuda, green morays, kingfish, Take time to look inside the nooks and crannies and among the rocks for durgeon flit, lobsters, queen trigger fish and white spotted file fish.
Cister Point (Cooper Island)
(Beginner) Located off Cooper Island, The Cister is a shallow dive with depths of 20-40 feet through rocks with craters.
Devil's Kitchen (Cooper Island)
(Novice / Intermediate) Rocky ledges covered with soft and hard corals, with colorful sponges. Depths from 30 - 50 Feet. Large swells often limit diving.
Markoe Point (Cooper Island)
(Intermediate) Tucked around the southeast corner of Cooper Island, Markoe Point usually is protected from the elements at the mooring. Depths of 40 - 80 feet.
Marie L, Pat, and Beata (Wreck Alley) - (Cooper Island)
(Intermediate) This open water site has good visibility with depths from 60 - 90 feet. Watch out for occasional large swells and strong currents.
Thumb Rock (Red Bluff Point) - (Cooper Island)
(Novice) You'll see why this site got its name - of course it's because of the pinnacle underwater that sticks up like a thumb. There is a similar rock located above water too. Coral encrusted rocks with reef and depths of 30 - 60 feet. There are occasional large swells and currents.
Vanishing Rock (Dry Rocks West) - (Cooper Island)
(Beginner / Intermediate) This open water site has good visibility with depths of 25 - 45 feet. Occasional large swells and strong currents.
Bronco Billy's (George Dog)
(Beginner / Intermediate) Bronco Billy's consists of a number of coral ridges that form canyons and archways covered in colorful hard and soft corals and sponges. Large Pillar corals, cup corals and sponges also cover boulders where golden tail, spotted and green moray eels hide. Spotted drums, dog snapper and grunts. Depths of 15 - 50 feet. There is occasional current and surge.
The Chimney - (Great Dog)
(Beginner / Intermediate) Named after a rock climbing site due to two boulders forming a narrow slot. Lot of color in the slot from sponges and is home to small shrimp, spotted rock lobster, and many anemones. There are ridges and dips with yellow tail damsels, sergeant majors, parrot fish and the occasional scorpion fish. Usually calm with depths of 15 - 45 feet.
Joe's Cave - (West Dog)
(Beginner / Intermediate) A deep cave, which extends above the surface, has schools of glassy sweepers. The walls are covered with soft and hard corals and sponges. Depths of 20 - 50 feet. Slight current.
Seal Dog - (West Seal Dog)
(Beginner / Intermediate) Like Joe's Cave, Seal Dog is a deep cave, which extends above the surface and has schools of glassy sweepers. The walls are covered with soft and hard corals and sponges. Depths of 20 - 50 feet. Slight current.
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