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Ecology & Conservation in the British Virgin Islands

Ecology In The BVI
Abbi Christopher of BVI Conservation and Fisheries Department with a Belted Kingfisher in the BVI's first-ever bird ringing program. (Photo: A. McGowan, University of Exeter)

The British Virgin Islands and their people have long been aware of the importance of conservation and are actively involved in ensuring that the ecology and beauty of these islands are kept intact for the future.

British Virgin Islands National Parks Trust

The Government of the BVI established the British Virgin Islands National Parks Trust in July of 1961 to preserve the natural beauty and historic features of the territory. The National Parks Trust has grown from volunteers to a professionally staffed organization that is now responsible for managing 18 National Parks in the BVI. Reef protection, Bird, Iguana restoration, and reforestation are just a small portion of what they have accomplished throughout the years.

Identifying the need to protect the British Virgin Islands beautiful and delicate coral reefs, the National Parks Trust spearheaded a Moorings/Reef Protection Program. Since 1991, over 200 mooring buoys have been installed at the popular dive sites and are maintained by them today. To read more about this program and the moorings locations, please go to our Moorings page.

On Anegada: a bird restoration project to reintroduce flamingos to the islands started over eight years ago. There are now 41 flamingos on the island. The organization  is also in the process of rehabilitating the population of the 'Critically Endangered' Anegada Rock Iguana. Read more about the Anegada Rock Iguana's rehabilitation.

Reforestation has been achieved from the time of the Trust's inception by direct replanting at Sage Mountain and Gorda Peak National Parks with Mahogany and Cedar through the celebration of Arbor Day where hundreds of seedlings are distributed to schools and residents throughout the BVI. Many Volunteer groups have planted Mangrove seedlings, seen by the conspicuous short white pipes imbedded into the shallow sea beds throughout the Territory over the years.

BVI Conservation & Fisheries Department

The BVI Conservation and Fisheries Department, under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Labour, of the Government of the British Virgin Islands, seeks to manage the natural resources of the British Virgin Islands. The department was formed specifically to address the growing environmental stresses that the British Virgin Islands are experiencing.

The Department's dedication and commitment includes working closely with fishermen to manage the fisheries resources, monitoring the natural environment and wildlife, mapping the area's natural resources, providing the public with information on the environment, and developing policies and legislation for managing the natural environment.

Ecology In The BVI
Flora and Fauna in the BVI

Education and scientific research make up the principles of these BVI organizations and they are strongly committed to preserving the natural beauty of the British Virgin Islands by working with worldwide organizations like the Fauna and Flora International and the Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew.

One of the most recent programs is to assess the coastal biodiversity of Anegada, where the Darwin Initiative Project launched the first ever bird-ringing program in the BVI on the island. Read more about the BVI bird-ringing program.

Another project is in conjunction with the Global Trees campaign to save the endangered species, the Pokemeboy acacia tree that is located on Anegada. Read more about the Anegada Pokemeboy project.

You can read more about these dedicated organizations in the British Virgin Islands, at their sites listed below.

British Virgin Islands National Parks Trust

Government of the Virgin Islands (U.K.) Conservation and Fisheries Department

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