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BVI Author Julian Putley

BVI Author Julian Putley
British Virgin Islands Author
Julian Putley with his latest book,
"A to Z of the Sea"

Julian Putley began his writing career while sailing the world in his small yacht, a Tayana 37, Starry Night, in the early 80s. Subjects for magazine articles included the disappearance of aviatrix Amelia Earhart, the outer islands of Indonesia, exploring the uninhabited islands of the Chagos archipelago and Africa's Zululand. In the Caribbean a magazine article on pirates and Norman Island led to his first publication, "The Virgins' Treasure Isle," the true story of a huge treasure buried on that island, which was the basis for Robert Louis Stevenson's "Treasure Island."

Following that came a novel, "Sunfun Calypso," a satire on Caribbean island life and in 2002 the first edition of the biennial "The Drinking Man's Guide to the BVI" was published. Both of these are Caribbean "Bestsellers."

Putley's small publishing company, Virgin Books Ltd, has recently produced a booklet, "The Baths," a guide to that wonderful natural phenomenon of giant boulders that form fantastic natural sculptures. The guide to the trails is enhanced by a description of how the boulders were formed by former Vermont state geologist Charles Ratte.

BVI Author Julian Putley books
British Virgin Islands Author
Julian Putley's Books

Then came the "A to Z of the Sea" which is a fun look at nautical terminology brilliantly illustrated by cartoonist Bob Nock. The latest publication by Virgin Books is called "Sunfun Gospel," which is a follow-up to the bestselling novel, SunFun Calypso.

Putley met his wife, Monique, while sailing Brazilian waters in the 80s and they shared many sailing adventures together. They fitted out their new Dix 43 steel cutter in South Africa and launched it on Valentine's Day in 1991. Before setting off for the Caribbean they stocked up well on some of the fine wines they had sampled in that country of abundance – namely a year's supply of that unique red wine, Pinotage (15 cases of 12 to a case). It kept well in the bilge, cool and with a slight motion. Eventually some said it was 'off,' some said it was 'corked' but Monique said it was 'port.' On Valentine's day 1992 they drank the last drop!

BVI Author Julian Putley and Wife
British Virgin Islands Author
Julian Putley and his wife, Monique

The last voyage they undertook together was to research a book, "The Pirate Haunts of Yesteryear." They sailed first to Haiti's Tortuga, once a pirate stronghold. They found that today it's a hideout for bandits and refugees in a country of endless despots. At Santiago de Cuba they were escorted into a decrepit harbour by a Cuban gunboat but managed to explore the old 'Morro' at the harbour's entrance. At Jamaica's Port Royal they dived on the remnants of the 'city of sin' reportedly so wicked that divine intervention caused an earthquake and most of the town to slip beneath the sea. Other ports were Cartagena, San Blas, Panama's Portobello, Columbia's Providencia, the Cayman's and Key West. Conclusion: Pirates of the Caribbean are alive and well.

Julian, with wife Monique, daughter Amanda and son Jason now reside in the British Virgin Islands.

Books by Julian Putley: Published by Virgin Books Ltd.

BVI Author Julian Putley SunFun Gospel
SunFun Gospel


Julian Putley's newest novel, SunFun Gospel, sequel to SunFun Calypso, is now available so make sure you get a copy for your reading pleasure!

A book review by Melissa Woodley states, "the perfect book to pick up and enjoy while spending a day on the beach or a boat. SunFun Gospel is set on the fictional isle of Dominida, a lush green island in the Caribbean, overflowing with interesting characters who seem like they could walk off the page and inhabit the real world.

The story, which is the follow-up to Putley’s first novel, SunFun Calypso, opens with a young father, Delroy, whose interest in the bar outweighs his interest in working hard to support his family. Then one day, his family experiences a miracle, and his faith in a higher power is renewed. First he starts Bible study, then is invited to give a sermon, and before the local pastor knows it, the once-lost Delroy is now the leader of his congregation, preaching borderline controversial values.

Meanwhile, a fruit tycoon is cruising on his megayacht, headed to a string of small islands with several guests, when they become the rescuers of a group of Haitians headed for US soil. Their pleasure cruise is delayed, as the fruit tycoon sees an opportunity to grab the spotlight, if just for a minute. After a business stop in Tortuga, the yacht sails on to Dominida, where all of the characters collide.

The slick businessman sees an opportunity to swindle the small banana plantations run by Dominida’s modest locals, but the newlyempowered Delroy decides he must put a stop to the big banana business threatening his island.

Full of humorous characters and moments, the book is a page-turner perfectly suited for light reading, so pick up a copy and find out how the story unfolds."

BVI Author Julian Putley SunFun Calypso
SunFun Calypso


A satire on Caribbean island life. "A hilarious ride through paradise."

"A fun read. An authentic and colourful portrait of Caribbean island life." Bill Robinson. Yachting.

"They're all there – from the dashing yacht captain to the nubile cook, the politician, the calypsonian
and the locally grown serpent in paradise. Meet them all in this wonderfully comic novel."
Jackie Snell. Harper’s Bazaar.

    The contest is about to begin . . . and the first calypsonian is Tortuga's own . . . Lord Pompey!" The calypsonian ran forward onto the stage. He was dressed in black trousers, white shirt, black bow tie and a multi-coloured jacket with tails, covered with sparkling sequins. A shiny top hat set at a jaunty angle but with the top sliced open, like an open tin can, completed his attire.

The announcer then went on to explain all the previous achievements of his career and that his first-time rendition, specially written and composed for this year's Calypso King Contest was . . . 'De Politishun.' It started like this:

"All o' we done vote ya into power
All o' we our wishes dem gone sour
De pledges an'de promises ain' here
We plans, we dreams, all done disappear
De taxes, all de money, where it be?
It shaw ain' here, helpin all o' we
It in a bank belongin' to de Swiss,
We should o' never vote a man like dis."

Lord Pompey was a real showman. He pranced across the stage, gesticulating, pointing. He strutted, he danced, he contorted, he cavorted and the crowd loved it. The horn section were brilliant too.

The Drinking Mans Guide to the British Virgin Islands by BVI Author Julian Putley
The Drinking Man's Guide
to the British Virgin Islands


This book will lead you to the best watering holes in the islands and you'll be laughing all the way there. There are cartoons, limericks, drink recipes, short stories, jokes and lots of FREE DRINKS AND GIVEAWAYS.

"The limericks match the cartoons and the stories match the islands. Fantastic!"

"You came to the BVI for Fun, Rum and Relaxation – Island Style. Well, here it is!" Ed Hamilton. Rums of the Eastern Caribbean.

    The Caribbean has always been about fun. One of the results of colonialism was the introduction of cricket and for years the West Indies team has been a major world player with uproarious crowds contrasting sharply with the quiet decorum of the English game. For the uninitiated, though, the game appears to be a mind boggling mélange of undecipherable language, complicated tactics, strange behaviour and bewildering rules. A recent excerpt of commentary: “The silly mid-on took a catch from a googly that caught the top edge. The fielder slid three yards and landed hard on his bottom. The crowd roared as the umpire’s finger went up.”

BVI Author Julian Putley The Virgins' Treasure Isle
The Virgins'
Treasure Isle


"There are many stories of pirates, daring raids and buried treasure. None, though, has so much documented evidence as this audacious piracy and subsequent burial of a vast treasure on Norman Island in the British Virgin Islands. This true story is 'a must' for lovers of great adventure." Jane DiCola, Editor, Nautical Scene.

    "The silver was divided in the following manner: five chests to Lloyd, five chests to Wade and the remaining 45 chests were divided equally making almost four chests per man. Almost all the chests of silver were removed from the vessel and taken ashore and buried. Lloyd and Wade kept one chest each on board and James Moorhouse kept all of his share on board too. So a total of forty four chests were buried on Norman Island."

BVI Author Julian Putley The Baths
The Baths


The BVI's Natural Wonder.

(How the Baths were formed – including a Guide to the Trails)

The Baths and the surrounding area is sometimes called "The eighth wonder of the world." It is spectacularly beautiful and well worth spending a whole day, or even two, to explore the area in its entirety.

The boulder formations and natural sculptures are but one facet of the "Baths experience." Children will love the "Crawl" and rock jumping into the crystal clear pool (caution required).

There are three short hikes described within with maps. Most of the flora and fauna that you are likely to meet is described as well.

BVI Author Julian Putley The A to Z of the Sea
The A to Z
of the Sea


A tongue in cheek look at nautical terminology. Contains the outstanding cartoons of graphic artist Bob Nock. "Really Fun. The illustrations are right in keeping with the tone of the book." Nancy Terrell

    One young boating mother is going to apply two more coats of anti foul to the bottom of her yacht. She's terrified of bird flu.

    One evening at the bar a retiree who was 'going yachting' complained that his compass was 'all over the place.' "You’ll have to swing the compass," I said. Next day I saw him again, "I got rid of that problem," he said, "Deep sixed it, just like you said."

If you would like to purchase one of Julian Putley's books, please contact us.


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