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Hotels, Resorts And Villas In The British Virgin Islands

BVI Long Bay Beach Resort
Long Bay Beach Resort and Villas
British Virgin Islands

There are various types of accommodations in the British Virgin Islands sure to suit any traveler's needs - from structured campgrounds to sprawling five star resorts with all the amenities. In between the accommodations realm one will find a host of inns, hotels, cottages, and villas, all of which have staff that go the extra mile to make your stay with them pleasant and unforgettable. Anything that you would want to do or see, you'll be guided along by friendly, helpful people, that know and love their islands.

The diversities of the different types of accommodations is what makes the BVI so uniquely different from all the other islands in the Caribbean. Lodgings include places such as a hotel set among the restored ruins of a 17th Century sugar plantation; villas set on private acres; resorts offering spectacular views of Peter Island, St. John, and many other islands; a resort built around an original 17th century Dutch fort; to ones conveniently located in Road Town along the shore of Road Harbour, and others nestled in lush tropical arenas sloping toward the sea to the Caribbean's beautiful beaches. Hotel "chains" are not allowed to operate in the BVI, as are any restaurant "chains."

Another Day In Paradise
Just Another Day In Paradise

The people of the BVI want you to feel a part of the islands, during your stay, and discover Natures Little Secrets.

The absence of such stereotypical hotel and restaurant chains has lent the BVI a truly unique and authentic character. As such, it is rightfully one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean and also one of the most popular places to own a vacation home or a timeshare resale. And unlike all the other islands in the Caribbean, most BVI timeshares are owned and run by locals who will be more than willing to give you tips on the best activities and the best restaurants.

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