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Resorts In The British Virgin Islands

All of the resorts in the BVI are tastefully designed and laid out around the natural environment where they are located. Some resorts have villas spread over acres, even encompassing a complete island. Keep in mind that the islands are very laid back, but at the resorts all the amenities that one could want will be there.

Cooper Island
Cooper Island Beach Club
P.O. Box 512
Turners Falls, MA 01376 BVI
413-863-3162 | 800.542.4624
Cooper Island Beach Club is a small resort on Manchioneel Bay on the northwest corner of Cooper Island. Originally a private house, the Beach Club was renovated and expanded in 1980, and has now been operated continuously by us for over twenty-three years.
Peter Island
Peter Island Resort
Peter Island BVI
770.476.9988 | 800.346.4451
Welcome to Peter Island, where the sweet fragrances of hibiscus and lilies linger in the air and towering palm trees sway in the seabreeze.
West End, Tortola BVI
Enjoy the luxuries of a large resort within the privacy of a small community of cottages. Frenchmans is set on 12 acres of flourishing gardens with a private pool, beach, tennis and a wide variety of luxury services. From thrilling to tranquil, we offer both on and off site activities for the entire family.
Lambert Beach Resort
Lambert Beach Hotel
Tortola BVI
Nestled in a lush tropical amphitheater sloping toward the sea to one of the Caribbean's most beautiful beaches. The resort has many vacation facilities including the BVI's largest swimming pool, a beautiful clubhouse, playground facilities, restaurant, swim-up bar, water sports activities, and tennis courts.
Long Bay Beach Resort & Villas
P.O. Box 433
Roadtown, Tortola BVI
954.481.8787 | 800.345.0356
At Long Bay Beach Resort & Villas, you'll discover a hidden paradise which isn't hard to find, but is so hard to leave, and even harder to forget. A place where people set their own pace and everything is unspoiled--except for our guests.
Virgin Gorda
Biras Creek Resort
Virgin Gorda BVI
Biras Creek is located on a strip of land between two hills on a 140 acre peninsula. It can only be reached by boat. The property touches three distinct bodies of water: the enormous protected lagoon of North Sound, the open Atlantic Ocean, and a Caribbean bay -- a paradise for swimming, sailing, and snorkeling, at the edge of the resort's private white sand beach.
Bitter End Yacht Club
Virgin Gorda BVI
Bitter End is a "rollicking nautical village" with 85 shoreside accommodations, three restaurants and an awesome array of activities. Reachable only by sea, the resort stretches along a mile of beach and waterfront on the North Sound -- the most protected and secluded deep water harbor in the Caribbean.
Little Dix Bay, A Rosewood Resort
P.O. Box 70
Virgin Gorda BVI
Just beyond a colorful barrier reef, lapped by gentle blue waters on a softly curving crescent beach, lies Little Dix Bay - a truly authentic destination, tamed for sophisticated tastes. The timeless boutique resort on the island of Virgin Gorda offers tranquility found nowhere else in the Caribbean.
Nail Bay Luxury Resort Community
Virgin Gorda BVI
284.494.8000 | 800.871.3551 US
On the unspoiled Caribbean Island of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands, nestled beneath Gorda Peak National Park, there once stood a19th Century Sugar Plantation. Travel there today and in its place, you will discover Nail Bay Luxury Resort Community, a 146 acre Villa Hotel offering a variety of beachfront and hillside rooms, suites, apartments, and vacation villa rentals, all with incredible ocean and sunset views.
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