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Sailing In The British Virgin Islands

Sailing In The BVI
A "Sailors Paradise"
British Virgin Islands

People come from all over the world to experience sailing on the exquisite turquoise blue waters of the British Virgin Islands. Referred to as the sailing jewel of the Caribbean, The BVI is truly the finest and safest sailing area in the world.

The BVI are known as a "Sailors Paradise" and sailing these waters is the most popular activity in the islands. These islands are a major charter boat center and possess the largest concentration of bareboats in the world. There are many different ways to explore The BVI by sea - so cast off and throw all of your cares to the wind!

Some of the ways to explore the BVI by boat:

If you are an experienced boater, a bareboat vacation is the ideal sea excursion where you captain your own boat and visit the islands at your leisure.

A Power Boat is the way to go if you want to explore the Islands' most remote areas and secluded beaches. There are companies in Tortola and Virgin Gorda who will rent an unmanned boat for a day (you do have to have some power boat experience).

BVI Sailing Charter
BVI Sailing Charter

Or explore the BVI by sea with a crew which will guide you from island to island. Try a crewed yacht package and experience a life of luxury as you are pampered aboard your private yacht.

Don't miss out! Even if you are staying at a land-based hotel, you can charter a yacht for a day sail and explore one or more of our gorgeous isles.

For the Cruisers, marinas, moorings and anchorages are plentiful throughout the islands. Tortola and Virgin Gorda boast marinas while Anegada, Jost Van Dyke and some of the other islands have moorings and anchorages available.

Whether you're cruising, chartering or even entering a regatta, you'll find the information that you need here to experience the boating life of the BVI.

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