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Water Sports In The British Virgin Islands

BVI Surfing
Surfing the beautiful waters
of the British Virgin Islands.

The British Virgin Islands offer much more for the active traveller with plenty of watersports available for your enjoyment. There are plenty of exciting diversions for the watersports enthusiast to do - surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, and kiteboarding - before grabbing that drink and relaxing in a hammock in the afternoon.

Surfing is one of the fastest growing sports in the British Virgin Islands. Because of the region's topography of reefs, sand bars and point breaks, the BVI provide some of the best surfing areas and breaks in the entire Caribbean. Most of the surfing is concentrated along the Northern shores of Tortola with the two most popular beaches for surfing located at Josiah's Bay and Apple or Capoons Bay. There is a thriving local surf culture in Tortola and several local surfing contests are held during the season, which runs from October through April. There are several places to rent surfboards on the island, as well as local surfing schools and surf shops.

For surfing spots and reports, see our Surfing page.

BVI Water Sports
Snorkeling in the BVI

Windsurfing has been and continues to remain one of the top watersports in the British Virgin Islands. Windsurfing caught on here in the mid-'70s, and since then, the BVI has produced many champions, including Finian Maynard, who was named the fastest windsurfer in the world in 2005. He also laid claim to having the fastest wind-powered craft on the water having a top speed of close to 50 knots! Several local competitions are held annually along with the famous HIHO event which brings competitors from all over the world to Tortola. You'll find that many of the resorts have windsurfing facilities, and for those wanting to learn the sport, there are dedicated teaching centers located at Nanny Cay in Tortola, Beef Island and Virgin Gorda. The wind that blows steadily here day in day out makes skimming across these pristine water a truly exhilarating experience.

Most resorts and charter companies offer kayak rentals which is a quick way to get out onto these beautiful tropical waters and explore. Get the added benefit when renting a kayak by having that second mode of transportation when you take it on your chartered yacht, enabling you to sightsee at your own pace.

Kiteboarding is relatively new to the British Virgin Islands and can be quite exciting to watch. Tortola and Virgin Gorda both have schools that offer professional instruction in this sport. Take some lessons and explore a whole new world of watersports. The experienced kiteboarder has been known to be able to launch jumps of up to 40 feet and "parachute" back down to the water's surface.

BVI Undersea Exploration
Explore the BVI waters with Caribbean
Undersea Adventures Limited.

For unique and memorable experiences, swim with the dolphins at Dolphin Discovery located at Prospect Reef in Tortola. Get close to these amazing and intelligent creatures, enjoy interacting with the dolphins as well as watching them perform. Or take a ride with Caribbean Undersea Adventures and explore the crystal clear waters of the British Virgin Islands in their one-of-a-kind ROV support vessel. Divers and non-divers alike can now experience undersea exploration and meet the colorful inhabitants that inhabit the BVI waters.

Whatever watersports you are interested in, the British Virgin Islands and their professional and experienced companies will assist you during your stay in our piece of paradise.

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