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Weather In The British Virgin Islands

Weather In The BVI

The British Virgin Islands, lying about 1,000 miles from the equator, enjoy tropical warm, balmy condition's year round. We do have our "seasons" believe it or not! Our wintertime is set by what some call "high season," a term used to signify the busy time of the year for the highest number of visitors visiting the BVI. December 15 through April 15 is the high season, with the weather being the optimum, especially for those coming from the frigid temperatures back home.

Pre-high season begins around mid November with the daytime temperatures around 85 degrees Fahrenheit and lowering to the mid 70's at night. The altitude factors in to the weather so keep in mind which part of the BVI that your accommodations are located.

The highest peak on Tortola is 1800 feet where the temperatures can be lower by 10 degrees on any given day. Virgin Gorda's highest peak is 1370 feet, but most accommodations are scattered around the island just above sea level. Anegada doesn't worry about climate change due to altitude because the highest point on the island is a whopping 28 feet!  Jost Van Dyke also has accommodations just above sea level, as does Peter Island.

Come summertime, around June, things begin to change into the warmer temperatures. Temperatures tend to go into the high 80's during the day and dropping to the high 70's at night. Keep in mind nearly year round the trade winds that come off the African coast keeps the humidity factor way down compared to similar temperatures in most states such as Florida. Many people come to the BVI from Florida and can't believe the difference in humidity! July through mid September can be on the warm side, daytime temperatures reaching the low 90's and the nighttime temperatures dipping into the low 80's. The trade winds can be fickle during the summer which can raise the humidity.


Hurricane Season

Of course we can't forget to mention the Hurricane season, which officially begins June 1 and goes up to November 30th, when one has to be aware of the potentials. With today's weather tracking technology, one has time to prepare from the time a low pressure forms, then goes into a Tropical System, which should be tracked at that point. The time that a system forms off the African coast, we in the British Virgin Islands have at least seven days before any system would reach our area.

Our island guide has personally been through five hurricanes on Tortola, living at an altitude of 800 feet, winds reaching 150 miles per hour, with absolutely no damage to his structure. One of the reasons for minimal damage to structures in the British Virgin Islands is a very strict building code with many government agencies that oversee the construction and design of every structure built throughout the BVI.

When a storm is about to pass over the BVI, the government has a disaster task force that goes into action way before the storm approaches. This task force tracks the storm's path, announces live coverage of conditions throughout the BVI on local radio stations, deals with any clean up of the roads and sends crews out to persons that may be in need of help of any sort.

Another thing that the government does is shut off all electricity on the islands just before the storm is to pass over or by so if there are any downed wires, they are not live, which could be a hazard to the community. Once the storm passes, which on average is around 12 hours, crews are dispatched immediately to check the lines and poles to deem them safe or make repairs as necessary to get the British Virgin Islands back on line. The government of the British Virgin Islands does a great job to protect its visitors and community when a storm situation arises.

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