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Yacht Charters In The British Virgin Islands

BVI Yacht Charters
Yacht Charter
British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands is one of the most premiere areas in the world for yacht charters. Given the great sailing that the British Virgin Islands have to offer, no other venue comes close to the pristine beaches, crystal clear waters teeming with sea life making for the giant sea aquarium for those who sail the waters in the BVI.

Being the largest sailing area for yacht charters in the Caribbean makes the British Virgin Islands the number one choice for yachting enthusiasts from all over the world. Whether you're planning a crewed yacht charter vacation or being the captain of your own bareboat yacht charter, either on a sailing yacht or motor yacht, you won't be disappointed in the least with your time spent on either type of yacht charter.

So many islands to see, more than sixty in total, mostly uninhabited, with pristine beaches, and calm, quiet out of the way coves and anchorages. All the yachts that are chartered in the BVI are maintained to high standards and operated by professionals who have been in the yacht charter business for many, many years.

The bareboat yacht companies strive to keep their fleets in running order to ensure that your yacht charter vacation is trouble free. If for any reason there are any problems, let's say with a water pump that decides to have a mind of it's own, the bareboat yacht charter fleets have service personnel trained for such situations who will come to the location that you may be anchored or docked at and take care of any problem in fast order. Keep in mind that all yachts are fully checked out before the "keys" are handed to you to insure you of a trouble-free charter vacation.

Crewed Yacht Charters - BVI
Get spoiled on a Crewed Yacht Charter
Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Crewed yacht charters are the crème 'de la crème in the BVI, with many types of yachts to charter with sizes ranging from thirty-eight feet up to eighty-five feet. All the crewed yacht charters based in or out of the Islands are strictly inspected by the British Virgin Islands government authorities, to ensure that all yacht charters are held to strict regulations sanctioned by the government for your safety.

All the crewed yacht charter captains are fully licensed by the British Virgin Island government authorities. The crewed yacht charter yachts are kept in impeccable condition by their crews who live aboard the yachts nearly year round and know their yachts inside and out.

You are given many choices of sailing itineraries to choose from - where to visit, where the best snorkeling, diving, beaches are to swim at and frolic on. Certain times of the year the weather may play a factor on what the itinerary may be, as the captain and crew of your charter yacht want you to be comfortable and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Your wishes are the crews' commands, as they say, and they will take care of all your needs twenty-four hours a day from the time you step aboard your yacht till its time to disembark (which you do while wishing that you could stay just maybe another week or two!). It's truly a great experience to sail around the British Virgin Islands archipelago and take in "natures little secrets".

BVI Yacht Charters
Kick back and relax on a Day Sail Yacht Charter
British Virgin Islands

Day Sail charters for you "landlubbers" is a great way to break up the touring of the BVI by vehicle or taxis, taking you to places only accessible by yachts. Having crewed on many a day sail charter yacht in the British Virgin Islands, so many people have said after taking the day sail sailing trip, that day charter was the highlight of their vacation. Whether or not you are accustomed to being on a yacht or at sea, you will thoroughly enjoy the day. There's plenty of sunshine, although the yachts do have large awnings to give shade, or you can sprawl about the spacious decks and work on a tan.

One of the unique features of the day sail charters is the amount of passengers that the captains limit to take on the day sail trip. Passengers are kept to minimal numbers so you get the personalized treatment from the captain and crew. Don't miss out on a great day on the pristine, crystal clear sailing waters of the BVI, a day that you'll remember forever and making you wanting to return back to paradise as soon as you can!

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