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Moorings in the British Virgin Islands

Trellis Bay - British Virgin Islands
Trellis Bay
Beef Island, British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are extremely conservation-minded and have an extensive mooring buoys system, which has been operating since 1991, set up at the popular dive sites. This system is designed to protect the underwater marine ecology from being damaged, particularly by boat anchors, and preserving these pristine reefs for the future. 

Over 200 mooring buoys (surface buoys attached to stainless steel pins set in bedrock) were installed and are maintained by the BVI National Parks Trust and Ministry of Natural Resources. They are for daytime use only.

In order for all to enjoy the use of these moorings, keep in mind the following regulations for their use. 

All moorings are on a first-come, first-serve basis and have a 90-minute time limit. Vessels over 55 feet in length, or over 35 tons, are not allowed to use any regular mooring (see below for listing of mooring buoys), but can use the large yellow buoys for mooring their boats.

Before tying up or leaving the vessel, sailors must check the integrity of their mooring, its pick-up line, and down-line for safety. Remember, you are responsible for the vessel, even when it is tied to a National Parks mooring!

Mooring at The Baths, BVI
Mooring at The Baths
Virgin Gorda, BVI

Please make note that in virtually all of the areas where the National Parks Trust moorings are located, you can encounter rough and unpredictable seas. In addition, some of the buoys are located near shallow rocks and reefs. Therefore, we must reiterate that the moorings are for daytime use only, and it is actually illegal to use them overnight.

To provide for the maintenance of the mooring buoy system and installation of new buoys, there is a small fee charged for the use of the moorings.

By law, sailors must obtain a National Parks Permit, either from the charter company when Customs is cleared, or from the National Parks Trust Office at 61 Main Street, Road Town, Tortola.

The mooring buoys are 13 inches in diameter, except the large yellow buoys, which are 18 inches in diameter, and are color coded as follows:

Mooring System for National Marine Parks

To prevent anchor abuse of reefs, all boats must use moorings



Dive use by non-commercial boats on a first-come basis with a 90 minute time limit.



Day use only by non-diving boats.



For use by dinghies only.



Commercial dive boats only.

Large Yellow:


Commercial, daysailing or large (over 55') boats.

Overnight Moorings

There are overnight mooring buoys found in most anchorages all around the British Virgin Islands – these should not be confused with the National Parks Trust Moorings. To help keep the confusion to a minimum, remember that all overnight moorings are white and are 18 inches in diameter. The maximum vessel length allowed for overnight buoys is 60 feet. We advise you to get to your destination early as there are limited overnight moorings and they tend to fill up quickly. Overnight buoys are privately managed, and while free for day-use, there is a charge for overnight use.

Anegada Reef Hotel
Anegada, BVI 284.495.8002
Neptune's Treasure
Anegada, BVI
The Bight
Norman Island, BVI
Brewer's Bay Green Cay
Green Cay, BVI
Cane Garden Bay - Tortola Rhymer's Beach Bar
Tortola, BVI 284.495.4639
The Rhone Marine Park
Dead Chest Island, BVI
Devil's Bay Fort Point
Virgin Gorda, BVI
Fat Hogs Bay - East End Tortola Penn's Landing
Tortola, BVI 284.495.1134
Carvel Rock
Ginger Island, BVI
Great Camanoe Great Thatch
Great Camanoe, BVI
Great Dog Necker Island - Invisible's
Necker Island, BVI
Little Harbour, Jost Van Dyke - Harris' Place
Jost Van Dyke, BVI 284.495.9302
Little Harbour, Jost Van Dyke - Abe's
Jost Van Dyke, BVI 284.495.9329
Manchioneel Bay, Cooper Island - Cooper Island Beach Club
Cooper Island, BVI 800.542.4624
Marina Cay - Pusser's
Virgin Gorda, BVI 284.494.2174
Mosquito Island, North Sound, Virgin Gorda - Drake's Anchorage
Virgin Gorda, BVI 284.494.2254
Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda - Seal Dog
Virgin Gorda, BVI
The Indians
Norman Island, BVI
Bitter End Yacht Club
North Sound, Virgin Gorda, BVI 800.872.2392
The Rhone's Anchor
Pelican Island, Peter Island, BVI
Prickly Pear Island, North Sound, Virgin Gorda - Vixen Point
Virgin Gorda, BVI
Salt Island Cooper Island
Salt Island, BVI
Scrub Island Guana Island
Scrub Island, BVI
Trellis Bay, Beef Island - The Last Resort
Beef Island, BVI 284.495.2520
Soper's Hole Marina
West End Tortola, BVI 284.495.4589
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