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Diving In The British Virgin Islands

A Sea Turtle Swimming Off Anegada

Dive in the British Virgin Islands and see stunning coral gardens, grottos, caverns, tunnels and wrecks teeming with marine life along with superior underwater visibility. The BVI have more than 100 dive sites well worth a visit with many of the sites in the 15' to 50' range and others having 60' to 80' depths. The water temperature averages around eighty two-degrees year round.

The dives range from coral covered walls, to many wrecks, with the wreck of the Rhone being the most famous. Several long time dive shops are well equipped for any type of dive, with great sites from novice to advanced. Most dive shops offer instruction from beginner to dive master qualification.

Extremely conservation-minded, the BVI have an extensive system of moorings at the popular dive sites that are maintained by the National Parks Trust and Ministry of Natural Resources which is dedicated to the preservation of reef areas and marine life.

So dive, explore nature's little secrets underwater and discover an amazing world!

To read about BVI National Marine Parks Mooring System, please go to our Moorings page.

Frankos British Virgin Islands Dive Map

An exceptional map that took Frankos Maps three years in the making (released in Fall 2004), you can order it, either folded or laminated, through MailOrderHawaii.com by following the links below. It is a very accurate chart of the islands and dive spots with extensive input from the British Virgin Islands Dive Association. Every notable scuba and snorkeling site in the BVI is shown as are main boating routes. It is also a good map of the roads and physical features of each island as well. There is also a layout of BVI's most famous dive site, "The Wreck of the RMS Rhone," and fish id information.

Frankos BVI Dive Map - Folded
Frankos BVI Dive Map - Laminated
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